LGES Responds to GA Governor’s Comments on USITC Decision

LG Energy Solution counsel Dave Callahan issued the following statement in response to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp:

“LG Energy Solution remains committed to negotiating a fair settlement for the theft of its trade secrets, for which the US International Trade Commission’s decision provides years to accomplish. But the reasonable accommodations provided to SKI’s victims, including Georgia and its customers, should not undermine lawful remedies for willful violations of our trade law.

“The Commission’s decision should not be vetoed because it does not imperil SK’s Georgia facility or the jobs the company has promised to create. In fact, it specifically gives the parties a lengthy window of time to resolve their dispute, during which SKI’s factory will be allowed to operate, employing Georgians to build batteries for VW and Ford. The only obstacle to resolving this matter and securing the plant’s long-term future is SKI’s refusal to acknowledge its wrongdoing and make amends. The President should not veto this decision; to do so would be turning a blind eye to SKI’s wrongful actions in detriment of LGES, an innovator that deserves the protection of the law.”

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